What is Situations?

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Funded on Kickstarter

Situations was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, and is available now in physical as well as print and play digital format!

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How do you play?

It's pretty simple. Everyone (up to 6 people) gets a hand of cards. Most of these cards are blue noun cards - people, places, things, or events. A starting player puts one down, and then players take turns adding noun cards by answering the questions on the sides of the cards.

Players can also use adjective cards (either played with a noun card or on a separate turn) to add flavor to the game.

There are also special cards: And cards and Is A cards. These let you say things like "the Villain is a Ghost" or "The Mentor has a Mullet and a Motorcycle."

The players then use their imaginations to fill out the bare-bones ideas of the prompt into a unique story, written on an index card. If there's a villain preventing a marriage, who is the villain? What makes them villainous? How are they preventing it? (They don't need to use the words on the cards - the cards refer to the concepts that each story should have.)

After everyone has finished writing their stories, the players shuffle the index cards and each person reads a story, keeping secret whether it's their own or someone else's. When all the stories have been read, the players vote on whose story is the favorite, and whoever wrote the most popular story wins the round!